Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Due to technical difficulties...

Why don't I see all the text formatting buttons?

Blogger's text formatting buttons only officially work in Internet Explorer 5.5+/Windows, and the cross-platform Mozilla family of browsers (Mozilla 1.6+ and Firefox 0.9+). Meaning, we've fully tested them in these browsers. We recommend that our users use the latest release of Mozilla Firefox.

These editing features rely heavily on javascript, and will hopefully work in more browsers as they are developed and enhanced. For example, Dave Hyatt (one of Safari's developers) blogged on July 3rd that an upcoming version of Safari will support rich HTML editing. When this is available, Blogger will support it.

The hyperlink button is only present in Internet Explorer 5.5/Windows and newer, as well as browsers based on Mozilla 1.3 or later(Camino/Firebird/etc.).

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  1. Steve, you're attempting to blog by sight when you should be blogging by faith. Stop leaning on the foolishness of worldly wisdom! Only then will the truth be revealed to you.