Thursday, March 02, 2006

Old business

John W. Loftus said:

“Very cute Steve! You can put words and stories together; that I'll grant you.

But where are the substantive posts you've been promising?”

I never “promised” you any substantive posts. Rather, I referred you to substantive posts I’d already written, to which you had not responded, viz.

I’d add that my replies can only be as substantive as the material to which I reply. If you post something insubstantial, I may well respond in kind.

You are, course, completely free to pick-and-choose. But if you choose to ignore what I’ve already written, you’re hardly in a position to demand even more.

Moving along:

“My questions could be multiplied, of course. But the point is to ask where the Holy Spirit's guidance is, it it guides at all. Where is it? To me, from my perspective, this is exaclt what we would expect to find if there wasn't a Holy Spirit.

I haven't seen any explanation for this from you in terms of what the Holy Spirit could do. So many people wonder the very same things. You do know this don't you?”

I expect God to do what he says he will do. I don’t expect God to do what he never he said he’d do.

There are Christians who universalize promises made to the Apostles. I do not.

I take Jn 14 & 16 as having reference to the inspiration of the NT.

I’m a semicessationist—like Frame and Poythress. I believe that God sometimes heals and sometimes guides. But that’s not the norm.

The Holy Spirit can do whatever God can do since the Holy Spirit is divine.

But omnipotence is not the question. God can do many things he’s never done and shall never do.

The Holy Spirit inspires Scripture as well as renewing and preserving the elect. I see evidence for all of the above.

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