Thursday, March 02, 2006

From Minister to Forkéd-Tongue

If John Loftus is to be believed, “the level of my activism and militancy has grown immensely this last year in direct proportion to how I have been treated by Christians. I am certain that if Christians would've treated me with respect, even if they disagreed vehemently with my arguments, I would not have written this book that will soon be out, and I would not have this Blog right now.”

The only problem with this version of events is that Loftus already published a militant attack on the Christian faith five years ago, which went by the self-serving, hagiographic title:

From Minister to Honest Doubter: Why I Changed My Mind.

So it’s hardly due to the fact that mean old Christians have dissed him over the past year that he’s become a militant apostate. He’s been quite the activist for some time now.

It’s also amusing to gauge the self-important tone of this veiled threat: If only you’d been nicer to me. But you forced my hand. You made me launch this utterly devastating attack on your faith. You’ll be sorry you ever messed with me! You have only yourself to blame for your own destruction!

In Da Vinci Code style, he acts as if he has the “goods” on Christianity, the dirty little secret that we tried all these years to cover up, the secret scandal that will now destroy 2000 years of Christendom.

If only we’d succumbed to his emotional extortion. Paid him hush money. But we’ve brought this calamity upon ourselves!

Well, all I can say to my fellow believers is that you better live it up for the next few weeks or months before his new book hits the shelves and the church has to board up her doors for good.

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  1. Why should you believe what I say here since you don't believe anything I say? But what I said was accurate, whether you choose to believe it or not.

    The previous book of mine was mild in comparison to this new one. I only wrote that one to explain to people who knew me why I had changed my mind. That's all I had ever intended to do, too. I didn't try to argue my case all that much, just enough for the people who knew me to get the gist. That former book is not as thorough or comprehensive in comparison to this new one.

    But are you saying that if I write anything to explain why I changed that I am a militant? Was I supposed to say nothing?--to keep my mouth shut? Why is it you can run your mouth all you want to but if I merely say something in disagreement I am a militant?

    In fact, you probably never heard of me until the last few months, either. Why? Because I wasn't a militant.

    Christianity will always be here on earth in some shape or form, so you don't have to worry about boarding up your churches. But my book will have a great deal of effect on the people who read it. Do you want to give it a read?

    In a few weeks I'll post some of the recommendations I've been getting from pre-press reviewers. It's the only book of its kind recently written by a former apologist.