Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pope Davidus

"It would be nice once in a while to hear 'thanks' for going through all the nonsense and hogwash, in trying to protect the Catholic flock from the lies of anti-Catholicism."

Thanks, Dave, for usurping the role of the Catholic bishops. The bishops are the shepherds of the flock, not a lowly layman.

Dear old Dave really can't get over being Protestant at heart. He really can't leave it to the Magisterium to get the job done.

Instead, we have this self-anointed shepherd of the Catholic flock.

Thanks, Dave, for reminding us of how little faith you have in the hierarchy. Thanks for taking it upon yourself to out-Pope the Pope. It's a high and lowly destiny, but somebody's got to do it, and if Benedict XVI isn't up to the task, we should be eternally grateful that we have His Holiness, Davey Armstrong, to step into the breach.

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