Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Well, it didn’t take long for Debunking Christianity to self-destruct, now did it? Turns out we never needed to push their tuna wagon over the cliff—they did it on their own power.

Both Loftus and Exbeliever have now broadcast to whoever is still listening that evidence is irrelevant. Facts don’t matter. Truth is irrelevant.

So much for the seminary degrees. Just a façade.

So much for the “Outsider’s Test,” or variations thereof. Just a charade.

So much for the appeal to civil discourse. Calm, disinterested reason. All for show.

With the whistling-in-the-dark bravado of the schoolyard sissy, they insist that even if the God of Scripture did exist, and his existence were indubitable, they’d rather flip him off and go straight to hell.

In so doing they merely illustrate Paul’s point about the unbeliever in Rom 1.

Loftus and Exbeliever simply regurgitate threadbare objections that have been around since the days of Ingersoll and Thomas Paine—with an extra-helping of radical chic political correctness—just to advertise their inability to think for themselves. No one is more enslaved to group-think than a freethinker.

Objections that have been addressed time and again in Christian apologetics—both past and present.

Thank you John Loftus and Exbeliever for committing self-decapitation. There’s no point interacting any further with headless adversaries. We’ll leave that to Johnny Depp.


  1. steve,

    You proved long ago that rational debate is impossible with you because you operate under the assumption that everything I say is a lie.

    In this post, you've continued to demonstrate your willingness to attribute beliefs to your dialogue partners. You've said that my posts indicate that "Facts don’t matter. Truth is irrelevant."

    You assert this inspite of my clear statement to the contrary--"But don't read this to mean that I refuse to be convinced of the 'truth' of Christianity. If it can be proven that Christianity is true, I'll shout it from the roof tops."

    Facts clearly matter, truth is relevant. I will gladly hear arguments about the existence of your god and can be convinced by them. That doesn't mean, however, that I would follow that god.

    Perhaps, though, you are simply assuming that I am lying again.

    So, I do agree with you that "There’s no point interacting any further. . ." You've proven that you are not capable of a rational discussion because you constantly attribute false beliefs to people you wish to dialogue with.

    Best wishes

  2. Also known as the "Dave Armstrong Defense".

  3. Ex:

    Steve's just pulling your chain, pushing your buttons--to keep you blogging. Continue the dialog, OK? Claims of/for "the truth" can easily be assessed, and honest folks (you're saying you are one) can base their beliefs on the tests' results. God permits everyone to reject Him outright, assent intellectually only, or to get a heart-grip on all He is and all the life He offers; He does, though, demand the latter--and He can (cf. Acts 17:30).

    Most of the poor folks in Hell are there because no Christian ever challenged them to examine the Bible's claims for themselves; so sad for everyone! I think Steve doesn't want you to be one of those tormented souls, buddy!

    I'm new to this site. Ex: what's the real problem? Can anyone actually become an "exbeliever"?--I'm thinking not. Give some insights, OK?

  4. Justamoe,

    I'm thinking so. I know. I have personal experience of it. This is just one of the delusions that you probably have. But it is a delusion. See this blog.


  5. John:

    Good to hear from you. I'm still thinking not--why are you thinking so?

    You're probably right about my having many delusions. But, I've still got some working gray-matter, and can follow a logical argument. Do you have one? It sounds like you know the arguments I do; what makes yours the slam-dunk?

    Just asking; reply when you have the time.

    Ex: are you there, too?

  6. Exbeliever can't even quote himself correctly.

    He wrote:

    You assert this inspite of my clear statement to the contrary--"But don't read this to mean that I refuse to be convinced of the 'truth' of Christianity. If it can be proven that Christianity is true, I'll shout it from the roof tops."

    However, he conveniently edits out the rest of the quote:

    My sermon title, however, would be, “There is a Real Son of a Bitch in Charge of This Universe; Run for Your Lives!”

    So, you would preach its truth in order to turn people away from it, reject it, and bring down the wrath of God on yourself, which is exactly what Steve pointed out.

  7. Whoa there Exbeliever (or, woe there)!

    If the inside of you didn't believe there's a God, the outside of you wouldn't waste time blogging here. Since the inside of you believes there's a God (or at least hopes so--atheism is like the last place on the westend of the hope-so continuum, you know), be honest enough with yourself to trace it out, man. Give God--not anyone else's version of Him--a chance; you won't go away disappointed when you experience the real Him.

    And, even though God's not insecure or anything, and He can handle the tough questions people ask of Him, I'd lay off the language about Him--you know what I mean?

    Don't be a stranger, man (you either, John).

  8. Justamoe,
    It sounds like you know the arguments I do; what makes yours the slam-dunk?

    It's a slam dunk to me that Christianity is wrong, even if my own atheism isn't a slam dunk. I know more of what isn't the case than what is the case. Is that understandable?

    Don't be a stranger, man (you either, John).

    What, with the way we're treated here? Why not just become a blog member here and get persoanlly attacked as soon as I post?--NOT!

  9. John,

    "Is that understandable?" No; but, I'm still trying. I think that the psalmist was correct when he wrote (paraphrased), "The unreasoning person has said in his heart, 'There is no God'" (Psalm 53:1). I'm pretty much a dunce, but I do understand that a person can't outrightly deny the existence of God without himself being God--which is self-defeating. The psalmist didn't have to write the words he did for this to be so; it just adds up.

    Hey, I've sort-of gotten "raked over the coals" a time or two with some of my blog postings; I hate to think that maybe not everyone loves me--but I'm better for the challenge to my faith. I can't imagine that you'd want to be less than all the person you're designed to be. Tell me it ain't so!

    Stay close by, buddy--we all can learn a few things from each other!