Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dave Hunt Denies Original Sin

Pelagianism is alive and well at the Berean Call. When will it end? Dave Hunt's unexplainable detest against Calvinism has lead him to reject some orthodox Evangelical fundamentals of the faith. Last year the controversy was over how Dave Hunt rejects the trustworthiness of some parts of Scripture. Then there was his hyper-Arminian statement that Calvinists are not saved if they affirmed Calvinism at their supposed conversion.

The latest heresy by Dave Hunt has been his rejection of original sin. On 1/15/06 on the Search the Scriptures Daily Radio (Contending for the Faith: Are Dave and Tom Closet Calvinists?), Hunt said the following words,
The fact is that they [babies] did not sin. They died as babies. It wouldn't be just to condemn to hell. What are they going to suffer for in hell? What deeds have they done?
At 30:45 minutes into the Dividing Line radio show, you can hear his statements, along with James White's commentary and critique. (Also, let us not forget that Ergun Caner holds Dave Hunt up as some astute theologian on these matters.)

Do preborns and infants go to heaven if they die?
That question of course requires an entire substantive post for another day. My personal position, I believe, is the most Biblical and pastoral for grieving parents:

If we trust God's goodness, wisdom, and freedom in the election of "adults," then we should trust God's goodness, wisdom, and freedom in the election of preborns and infants.

This statement is not to skirt the issue of whether all, none, or some preborns and infants go to heaven if they die. Just the opposite: it is to first focus on the most important Biblical and pastoral principle---the character of God and his glory, which brings comfort and peace in all trials.

But as I mentioned, I can flesh this out one day soon in a future post.



  1. I wonder when Hunt's doctrinal meltdowns are going to stop? It never ceases to amaze me how men who are bound to doctrinal traditions will eventually deny essential core doctrines of orthodox, Protestant theology (namely original sin) as a result of denying other salvifically non-essential, yet true doctrines (namely the doctrines of grace). Mr. Hunt is sadly following the route of the Pelagian heretics that went before him. Of course, this has me at the edge of my seat wondering what's next on the Hunt-meltdown doctrinal calendar as he logically follows out his Arminianism to it's fatal end. Could he go so far as to posit some type of open theism? Only the Lord knows . . . .

    Pastor Dustin S. Segers

  2. I would actually agree with Hunt here (in a way). Babies have not committed any conscience sin, thus they cannot be judged for their deeds, which I believe Scripture clearly asserts is the reason for people going to hell. Their original sin nature is not the reason why unsaved men perish, it is the reason why their wills are bound and they must eventually sin. And that sin is what condems them. See Al Mohler's article on this at:

    I think he explains this very well. What I find ironic is that most Arminian-leaning theologians like Elmer Towns (see this article for more: in a desire to get around arguments for Particular Atonement generally deny that sin is what causes men to go to hell. Rather they say that it is unbelief. So for Hunt to say the following:

    1. Men are sent to hell for sins.
    2. Christ died for all sin ever committed.

    Then he must hold to universalism. It makes no logical sense not to. Of course, logic has never been something that has concerned Hunt.