Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Try To Persuade

In a tribute to Tim Keller after his death, Michael Kruger mentioned an article he'd written about how persuasion is a missing element in modern sermons. It's also missing in a lot of other contexts. There's a major problem with Christians in general, not just pastors, not trying to persuade people as much as they should. Most people don't get involved much in discussions about religious issues (or ethics, politics, etc.). Among those who do get involved, they often state their position without offering much or any support for it. The people who are making a significant effort to not only discuss religion, but also do it persuasively are a small percentage of the population. That needs to change.


  1. I appreciate your treatments on time management, apologetics and "doing the work" as the kids say these days. One thing people also lack in our time is a sense of process in the changing of a worldview. Not only do are Christians reluctant to improve their knowledge of their faith and how to defend it, there is an "all or nothing" or "I can't close the deal" view that freezes people out of engagement. It is thought that one must be James White, William Lane Craig, John Warwick Montgomery or bust. Later in life converts like Neil Shenvi and J. Warner Wallace should inspire us to plod. They converted later in life yet have applied their rigor and tenacity to defending the faith. I work in a company that is decidedly left-wing. There is a chance I may say something that will get me fired. What is the alternative? Do nothing ever since I don't have a "platform" like other voices in the company. Think of how powerful the conversation was with the Rich Young Ruler. In just a few a lines Christ challenged the man's entire worldview. We will know how he ended up some day. To your remarks about writing, I think reviewing books is another opportunity we miss and I intend on picking up the slack on for Christian and non-Christian works.