Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Problems With Transubstantiation In The Last Supper's Context

Mike Winger just posted a good video on the subject. And here's a post in which I discuss some other problems with transubstantiation in the earliest Christian contexts. On later sources, see here.


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  2. My only minor criticism of Pastor Winger's video is his mistake in thinking that in Catholicism partaking of the apparent bread is eating only Jesus' body and partaking of the apparent wine is only drinking Jesus' blood. As I understand it, Catholicism teaches that if you partake of either you're partaking of both the blood and the body of Jesus. That was the justification why during the Middle Ages it was okay to withhold the cup from the laity and only give them the bread, lest any of Christ's blood be accidentally spilled.

    Such other minor errors in other of Pastor Winger's video critiques of Catholicism weakens his credibility. Which Catholic apologists nitpick in their various forums/channels/groups. Nevertheless, his overall evaluation and criticisms are strong enough that one ought to conclude that the Roman Catholic Church is not what she claims to be. Nor have the authority and powers she claims to have.