Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Christian First

"Oh I would not have it said of any of you, 'Well, he may be somewhat Christian, but he is far more a keen money-getting tradesman.' I would not have it said, 'Well, he may be a believer in Christ, but he is a good deal more a politician.' Perhaps he is a Christian, but he is most at home when he is talking about science, farming, engineering, horses, mining, navigation, or pleasure-taking. No, no, you will never know the fullness of the joy which Jesus brings to the soul, unless under the power of the Holy Spirit you take the Lord your Master to be your All in all, and make him the fountain of your intensest delight." (Charles Spurgeon)


  1. What do you think he means "all in all" ?

    Christ = all sufficiency for all needs ?

    Christ = all fulfillment of all desires?

    1. The phrase can be interpreted in more than one way, and I'm not aware of anything in the context that tells us what he had in mind.