Friday, December 25, 2020

A Well That Doesn't Run Dry

"I have walked through 65 Advent seasons as a believer in Jesus. I preached my way through half of them. So, counting Christmas sermons, that would be roughly 150 messages during Advent. I don't ever recall thinking, 'Oh my, how will I say anything fresh this year?' There are some wells that don't run dry. Some horizons that expand as you approach. Some stories that reach back forever, forward into eternity, down to the depths of mystery, and up to the heights of glory. Advent is one of those. It is inexhaustible." (John Piper)


  1. Great quote.

    Piper was one of the seminal individuals God used when shaping me from a charismatic/Pentecostal arminian into what I am still becoming today. Although as with anyone there are picayune points of disagreement, I nevertheless really appreciate his heart and ministry.

    Semper reformanda.

  2. I saw the first sentence, saw posted by Jason Engwer, and thought, "Jason certainly doesn't look 65".

    One thing I've noticed is that bad theology is boring. I tried out a church last week (or the week before?), and before it was done I just quit. There was one Bible verse, followed by what I assume the speaker thought was a coherent and interesting patchwork of personal stories with "God wants X!" thrown in without any accompanying verses. It's like they've read their one or two verses, hit bed rock, and stopped digging. Or when the NYT publishes a piece that demonstrates what bad (or no) hermeneutics looks like).

  3. Flying Couch: I’m wondering what you mean by “tried out a church”?

    1. Due to covid I watched a sermon live online to see what it was like.