Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Behold the beauty of atheism

See how an atheist regime deals with an epidemic:

Traditionally, Christians founded the hospitals. Caring for the sick was very hazardous before the advent of antibiotics and antivirals since the caretaker could easily become infected and die from the same contagious disease. It takes faith and courage to care for patients with a life-threatening disease if that's life-threatening to the caregiver. Whether you're prepared to risk your own life to nurse others back to health depends in part on whether you think this life is all there is. This is an acid test of atheism. 

Due to sin, there are cowardly Christians. Due to common grace, there are courageous atheists. But I'm remarking on the logical outworking of competing worldviews. This is the same regime that engages in involuntary organ harvesting. 


  1. The contrast couldn't be clearer (as clear as night and day) when one compares what the Chinese communist regime is doing in light of the coronavirus with what Chinese Christians are doing in light of the coronavirus. See June Cheng's recent article "Seeking peace in sickness": "With coronavirus spreading, Chinese churches are trying to help their neighbors."

  2. Oh hey look, it's the setting location of Quarantine (2008).

    The authorities and CDC suddenly quarantine the building, allowing none to leave. ... A panicked resident who rips through the window covering is shot by a sniper.