Wednesday, October 30, 2019


BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Jean-Paul LaPierre always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

The Boston boxer helped rescue a one-year-old baby who was trapped in a crashed car a few years ago. This summer, after authorities in Newton warned the public about an escaped python, he was the one who tracked it down.

And this past weekend, while LaPierre was in Chicago to run a marathon, he disarmed a robber on a city train.


So LaPierre disarmed an armed robber on a city train, then ran a marathon, then spoke to the news crew!

LaPierre held the robber at bay after disarming the robber. The robber had been going around mugging people on the Chicago train. As an eyewitness in the video said, everyone else on the train was "frozen", but LaPierre acted.

And LaPierre acted despite a woman telling him: "Please don't make this any worse!"

Many people would react like this woman. They think it's better to give the perpetrator what they want and hope they're not harmed but left alone. They would never confront wrongdoers. I guess this is the strategy of appeasement in international politics.

Reminds me of this quotation:

Most people are like sheep. Nice, harmless creatures who want nothing more than to be left alone so they can graze.

But then of course there are wolves. Who want nothing more than to eat the sheep.

But there’s a third kind of person. The sheepdog. Sheepdogs have fangs like wolves. But their instinct isn’t predation. It’s protection. All they want, what they live for, is to protect the flock.



    1. there is more to this story

    2. Thanks! So it sounds like the complaint is, though LaPierre really did what was reported, he ran the marathon without registering for the marathon (and those who run a marathon without registering are known as "bandits")?

  2. And not the first time … I think to the general public, this doesn't seem like that big a deal. To runners - you are basically stealing.
    Glad you stopped the theft on the train.
    Wish he would stop stealing himself.