Friday, August 16, 2019

Epstein and assisted suicide

If it was "suicide," he had a lot of help :-)


  1. I think that's very suspicious too:

    1. Typically the hyoid bone (the bone on which the tongue rests) isn't fractured in hangings. However, fracture of the hyoid bone is common in manual strangulation.

    2. I didn't see this mentioned by the internal medicine physician, but same goes for other "bones" like the thyroid cartilage (below the hyoid). The thyroid cartilage typically isn't fractured in hangings either. However, fracture of the thyroid cartilage is common in manual strangulations. In any case, one could look at other bones in the region. On the face of it, the more relevant broken bones, the greater the suspicion.

    3. The second method the internal medicine physician mentioned would cause "their brain will slowly be starved of oxygen as the noose is tightened around the carotid arteries". Indeed, as I've noted to friends, a carotid or perhaps other cervical arterial image might be revealing because it could help distinguish between (say) hanging vs. strangulation.

    4. To be fair, though uncommon, I don't think we can entirely rule out the second method like the internal physician seems to suggest. It's possible, but improbable. I've seen photos (from pathologists, I'm not a serial killer, though admittedly that's probably what a serial killer would say!) of people who have suicided themselves in the second manner. Not to mention using other methods, though perhaps the internal medicine physician would classify these other methods under one of his two broad categories.

    5. There are several other physical signs one can look at to differentiate between (say) hanging vs. strangulation (e.g. petechiae are more likely evidence of strangulation).

    1. Are you sure Steve hired you for your blogging?

    2. Truth is I wasn't hired, but I had to pay for the privilege to be here. :)

    3. I'm just saying that Steve has a lot of enemies and you seem to know a lot about making murders look like suicide...perhaps I've said too much already.

    4. I can neither confirm nor deny your statement. :)

    5. I value my life too much to point an accusing finger at the Clintons.