Wednesday, August 14, 2019

All glory, laud, and honor


  1. Everything about this is wonderful.

    1. In addition to the musical performance, the lateral light of sunbeams shining through the stained-glass windows, from one side of the sanctuary to the other, makes the sanctuary an enchanted forest

    2. On a related note, I sometimes wonder if there are (medieval) astronomical elements in some European cathedrals, chapels, etc. Symbolically and/or functionally. At least that's my impression when I look at some church architecture.

      Also, I imagine that could have been the intent of some architects back then. Perhaps some architects built that into church architecture. I guess similar to how C.S. Lewis may have built medieval cosmology into his Narnia books.

      Just my hunch, but what do I know.

    3. Some of them fuctioned as observatories, at least in later periods, and there was certainly mathmatical patterns that were regarded as symbolic (involving the Trinity, for example), so it would be surprising if there wasnt't astronomical significance there.

    4. Thanks, Sean. I guess every once in a while my hunch or impression (which is probably as clear as day to everyone else) turns out to be correct. Like a broken clock being right twice a day. :)