Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Feminist double standards

i) There's a stereotypical difference between men and women. If a pretty girl grabbed the butt of a young guy, or slapped him on the butt, or kissed him, or put her hands up his shirt, or walked up to him on the beach and ran her hands up and down his chest, a normal guy (especially if he's single) wouldn't be offended by that.  He'd find that flattering and amusing. And those are mild examples. A pretty woman could push the envelop further without repercussion (e.g. grab his crotch or yank his jams down). 

At the moment I'm not discussed what's morally proper. I'm just making the obvious point that what might constitute sexual harassment or assault if a guy does it to a girl isn't sexual harassment or assault if a girl does it to a guy. Men and women are wired differently.

ii) Up to a point I don't mind a double standard. The problem is with an arbitrary double standard where we simultaneously pretend that men and women are interchangeable, should be treated the same in every respect. Intolerance for male spaces (e.g. the Boy Scouts) or male-only occupations (e.g. combat). 

We need to have a consistent policy. Either admit that men and women are different in some fundamental respects, in which case we allow for male-only spaces and male-only occupations, or have a uniform policy in treating male and female alike (not my recommendation).  

Secular progressives try to have it both ways. Another example is affirmative consent policies on college campuses which discriminate against male students, begin with the presumption that the male is always the guilty party in a male/female sexual transaction. 

iii) It's also a fact that some women are attracted to certain kinds of men. Handsome guys can get away with things homely guys wouldn't dare do. Bad boys get away with things that square boys wouldn't dare do. Some women are attracted to rich/powerful men, even though they know the men are promiscuous. 

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  1. Regarding the double-standard of Feminism, I used to get yelled at quite a bit when I would venture my opinion - "The sexual revolution is over. And, guess what ladies, we lost!" Men no longer have to provide a decent standard of living to get married. Bringing a boy home to meet the parents is out-of-date. (Although I will say that I made sure my teenage daughter did so) Women have won a sexual standard that renders their previous worth as Wives and Mothers at 0. No wonder the Feminists keep yelling. Face it, you can't be equal and special at the same time (And yes, this is all coming from a woman)