Saturday, June 22, 2019

Black abortion

I was asked to comment on this. I'm not a statistician or sociologist (neither is James White). So these are considerations I have, as a nonspecialist:

1. Seems to me there are different ways of drawing the comparison. For instance, instead of comparing black mothers to white mothers, we might ask if unwed mothers abort their babies at higher rates than married mothers. If that's the case, then the "cause" might be that black mothers abort their babies at higher rates because more black mothers are pregnant out-of-wedlock than white mothers (although I believe the rate of out-of-wedlock pregnancies for white mothers is on the uptick). If so, the direct comparison wouldn't be between black mothers and white mothers, but between unwed mothers and wives, while the racial variable would be indirectly related.

2. Perhaps James would respond that this simply puts the "central cause" back a step because out-of-wedlock pregnancy is caused by "fundamentally rebellious sexual ethics". 

i) Strictly speaking, most folks who indulge in premarital sex aren't consciously rebelling against biblical sexual ethics because they are too theologically illiterate to have any idea what biblical sexual ethics represent. 

ii) Perhaps, though, it may be said that that's a side-effect of a general rebellion against natural revelation (Rom 1) rather than biblical sexual norms in particular. 

iii) Conversely, not all or most whites who conceive children within marriage are doing so in conscious obedience to biblical sexual ethics. Many people get married for romantic, economic, or customary reasons. In addition, some couples who conceive children within marriage aborted children conceived through premarital sex. So I'm not at all sure we can say the motivation is rebellious black mothers in contrast to white mothers. 

3. Furthermore, many conservative analysts attribute high rates of black single motherhood to Democrat social policies, viz. dysfunctional schools with high dropout rates; welfare–which eliminates the need for a male breadwinner. Democrats deliberately create a culture of dependence on gov't handouts to keep Democrats in power. Isn't that a factor? 

4. Finally, I believe it's a well-established fact that white eugenicists like Margaret Sanger targeted the black community for genocide. That raises the question of whether organizations like Planned Parenthood made "abortion services" more widely available in the black community than the white community. That would certainly be consistent with the white eugenicist program. If that were the case, it might be another factor in higher abortion rates among black mothers. 

P.S. Although he didn't explicitly compare black mothers to white mothers in the original tweet, in a subsequent tweet, he said "Black women average 3.5x the number of abortions compared to white women in the US." 

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  1. --If so, the direct comparison wouldn't be between black mothers and white mothers, but between unwed mothers and wives, while the racial variable would be indirectly related.--

    This is exactly correct, Ann Coulter piece compiled the statistics several times in her articles, which I further summarized:

    A 1990 study by the Progressive Policy Institute showed that after controlling for single motherhood, the difference between black and white crime rates disappeared.


    Studies — including one by the liberal Progressive Policy Institute — have shown that controlling for factors such as poverty and socioeconomic status, single motherhood accounts for the entire difference in black and white crime rates.


    Whatever else may cause illegitimacy and its associated problems, it isn’t poverty, discrimination, lack of education, unemployment or slavery. Black Americans had all those handicaps — and yet they still had strong families and low crime rates from 1890 until the 1960s.