Tuesday, February 26, 2019

St. What's'isname, pray for us!

One of the things I notice when I surf Catholic websites are solicitations to this or that saint to "pray for us". Some Catholic websites are dedicated to one or more patron saints. 

It looks pretty robotic. The mechanical invocation of a saint to "pray for us". And it raises a practical question: even on Catholic grounds, how could you tell the difference if the saints aren't praying for you? 

The question becomes more acute given the rapid proliferation of Catholic saints:

That should mean there are many more saints praying for us, than used to be the case. But does that have any measurable impact? How is this any different than Buddhist prayer wheels?

For instance, shouldn't traditionally Catholic countries be getting better with so many additional saints interceding for the faithful? What's the discernible correlation between the ever-expanding roster of canonized intercessors and the moral condition of traditionally Catholic countries? 

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