Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Extortion racket

Why do Catholics remain Catholic under the Francis pontificate? Many reasons. For cradle Catholics there may be an overriding sociological component. For converts there's loss of face. Many Catholics aren't news junkies or theology junkies, so they don't keep up with the doctrinal controversies. Many Catholics are social liberals, so they like the direction Francis is taking the church in. 

But a reason many Catholics give is the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. 

In that respect, Catholicism is an extortion racket. What keeps the faithful faithful is how the hierarchy has them over a barrel. 

However, unlike the usual extortion racket, this is voluntary. Catholics have been snookered into believing Catholic sacramentology, which keeps them chained to the priesthood and hierarchy. It's like a devil's pact: we'll continue to support the Catholic church financially, no matter how often the hierarchy betrays our faith and abuses our trust, in exchange for the Host. One of the all-time great con jobs. 

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