Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Political mass suicide

It's quite something to witness the current state of the culture wars. I believe it was Pat Buchanan, back in 1992, who popularized the term "culture wars"–as well as helping to frame the issue. His speech was derided at the time, by proved to be sadly prescient. 

There's a sizable voting block that thinks Christianity is evil. They think Christianity must be suppressed. 

A sizable voting block has embraced a secular totalitarian ideology. They fervently believe that everyone should be made to think and act alike. And it requires the bulldozer of a totalitarian state to steamroll dissenters and level things out. 

It's striking how impressionable and easily manipulated this voting block is. How they surrender themselves to be brainwashed by one-sided rhetoric.

And it's striking to witness their indubitable judgmentalism. If we live in a godless universe, then human existence is like a stream of taillights headed into oblivion. One after another, each driver passes into the darkness of absolute oblivion. When you were born, some cars were ahead of you and others behind you. You can see a stream of taillights ahead of you. And, in the distance, you can see taillights extinguished as the lead car disappears into oblivion, followed inexorably by the next car and the next. As you go through the lifecycle, you edge ever closer to the devouring shadow of nonexistence. You see the taillights ahead of you vanish. There's nothing on the other side. No road on the other side. No cars steaming away. 

You are trapped in your car, in the chain of cars, as it moves relentlessly forward, at the same mechanical pace, in the same fatal direction. A journey into nothing. That's all there is to human existence. All there is to each individual life. The fateful procession from nothing to nothing. The only thing in-between is the cortege. And yet the secular progressives are hellbent on a ruthless utopian crusade–as if anything matters. 

They stoke the politics of hate and self-hate. They hate Christians. They hate Orthodox Jews. They hate whites. They hate men. They hate boys. They hate masculinity. They hate straight men. They hate straight women. They hate the elderly. They hate the disabled. They hate kids. 

They hate themselves. Self-hating women (feminists). Self-hating men (transgender women). Self-hating whites (guilt-ridden caucasians), self-hating Jews, self-hating Asian-Americans, &c. 

Much of this is based on woeful and willful ignorance. Self-reinforcing prejudice. They only listen to one side of the argument. 

Increasingly, you have men, women, and couples who hate kids. They have dogs rather than kids. If they had kids, that would generally create a bonding effect, but they don't. 

We now have a concerned campaign to butcher the bodies of children through puberty blockers and sex-change operations. Public school exists to indoctrinate the next generation to become robotic drones of the totalitarian state. 

They labor under the illusion that they will benefit from the revolution. But nearly all secular totalitarians will suffer the same fate as Christians. The only people who benefit from a totalitarian state are members of the paper thin ruling class. All the goodies are diverted to the ruling class. The loyal progressive voters are just a temporary, expendable tool. Once the totalitarian state is in place, the loyal little foot-soldiers who made it happen will join the wretched ranks of the massive underclass. Look at China under Mao. Look at the Soviet bloc under Lenin, Stalin, and Brezhnev. Look at Cuba and North Korea. 


  1. I'd say modern China isn't much better than China under Mao. The main difference is modern China is richer and more powerful. China's economic zones may benefit from China’s newfound prosperity (e.g. Beijing, Shanghai), while rural Chinese don't, but even still all their benefits could be taken away from them at the whim of the communist government. That's one reason so many wealthy Chinese buy real estate overseas, send their kids to Western universities, try to get citizenship for their children in Western nations, etc. They know the hammer could fall on them at any time.

    Still, China clamps down on the slightest hint of dissent. That spills over into China sorely restricting if not punishing free speech, assembly, religion, etc. Something like Tiananmen Square could easily happen again.

    China has a million or more of its citizens locked away in concentration camps to “re-educate” them through “labor” (laogai). Many if not most of these are political dissidents. Those who dissented from the communist party.

    China controls its population’s birth rates. For example, China used to have a one child policy, but changed to a two child policy a few years ago. Also, China forces many women to have abortions and/or hysterectomies without their consent.

    China forcibly harvests organs from prisoners, some of whom may have not committed any crime other than being a political opponents against the communist party.

    China is a high-tech surveillance state (e.g. facial recognition used against its citizens, apps to monitor phones).

    China controls the news media. In fact, it has state-run media.

    China uses propaganda and censorship.

    China blatantly steals intellectual property from whomever they wish.

    China engages in cyberattacks against individuals, groups, and nations.

    And on and on and on.

    Interestingly, many of these parallel what progressives wish to enact.

    1. Well I take that back a bit. Millions haven't died in China today like under Mao. Not that we know of. But it just takes one state sponsored building project to go awry and then it's anyone's guess what will happen.

  2. The strength of the Democrats used to be their support for blue collar, working class citizens. But now that they've gone off to chase after social justice darlings, they're alienating a huge part of the voting base. How they think this is helping them, I don't know. But if they keep it up, people will be voting Republican for a while.

    I guess the downfall is if they sit it out and indoctrinate the younger generations, they will have an army of totalitarians on their side when they grow up.

  3. We need to fight back with conservative schools, conservative journalism, conservative arts...and conservative progeny. Public education, mainstream media, and secular culture should be abandoned to the Left and allowed to wither.