Saturday, October 27, 2018

Two models of divine transcendence

My own position is much closer to Paul Helm's, but Frame makes a number of worthwhile points:


  1. This article is taking some heat in the "Reformed Scholasticism" group on Facebook, here and here.

  2. Do you have any resources against John Frame's view of God's relationship with time?

  3. Helm's responses to Oliphint have some applicability to Frame:

    I thought Helm's initial response to Oliphint was unsatisfactory, but improved with subsequent installments. Maybe at his age it takes longer for him to warm up!

    Then there's his standard monograph on God and time:

    Eternal God: A Study of God without Time (2nd. ed., 2011).

    Here's a popular treatment of impassibility:

    Helm has written a lot about how a timeless God communicate with timebound creatures. That's in articles and essays. Oliver Crisp is said to be editing Helm's essays, which may contain those essays, among others, whenever that's published:

    Oliver Crisp, ed. Reason in the Service of Faith: The Collected Essays of Paul Helm, edited and with an Introduction by the author (Ashgate, In press).