Monday, October 01, 2018

The Case against Kavanaugh Is Collapsing


  1. Yes... I'd been following the coverage, and had wondered why, if they really believed he was a rapist (would-be or actual), they were investing so much time in critiquing him for being "too belligerent", or having wrongly emphasised how much he drank 30 years ago, etc.

    After being accused of stealing the sandwich from the kitchen, firstly the lawyer argued that he never entered the kitchen; secondly, he argued that after entering the kitchen, he never touched the stolen sandwich; thirdly, he argued that after picking up the sandwich, he replaced it and it's still there today. The lawyer rested his case, believing that he now had all bases covered...

  2. Wait, not so fast. The latest is that he is alleged to have thrown some ice cubes after a concert in 1985.

    Ice, Ice Baby!