Saturday, October 06, 2018

Hotbed of sodomy

The Kavanaugh controversy has shed light on the infiltration of the gay mafia into elite Catholic educational institutions. Not surprisingly, the media downplayed that dimension of the controversy. Once again, we're witnessing the absolute collapse of Catholic institutions. Not through lack of oversight by the hierarchy, but sympathy with that development:


  1. I wonder what wealthy Catholic parents were doing in the 80s sending their children to schools like Georgetown Prep.

  2. The real scandal is the media’s complicity in this. They don’t report on stories that involve gay priests becuase it hurts the secular gay cause. The media is responsible in the cover up and gay corruption by not exposing the heirarchy who promotes and fosters it.

    1. Indeed. It's telling that their priority is on pushing the homosexual agenda over attacking the religious right. Truly, they attack the religious right. However, they generally downplay this opportunity to do so so that they don't hurt their homosexual cause.

      For Kavenaugh, this would have been a great avenue for them to attack him further. It almost seems like the homosexuality issue is a higher cause for them than abortion.