Monday, October 29, 2018

Lutheran exorcist

There are lots of quack exorcists. This guy seems more reputable: 


  1. Harold Ristau is another good Lutheran who does this kind of work. He's written a book called "My first exorcism" which has some good content. Know him personally and can really vouch for this intellect, character, etc.


  2. Are Roman Catholic exorcisms valid, or are they false shows? I struggle with this for if they are valid, does that not mean, at some point, RC is Christian?

    1. What God does in the present impacts the future. God does some things with a view to the long-range effect. Suppose he wants Luther to exist, but one of Luther's linear ancestors is deathly ill. Suppose God answers the pagan prayer of Luther's heathen ancestor so that centuries later, Luther will be conceived. There are often imponderables.

      If only Catholic exorcisms were effective, that would be striking. But non-Catholic exorcisms are sometimes effective, too. And I'm sure some Catholic exorcisms are ineffective.