Thursday, July 12, 2018

TERF wars

Steve sends along this article: "Lesbians Accused Of Hate Crimes For Objecting To Transgenderism At London Pride Festival".

The article was penned by a homosexual man.

If I understand correctly (the difference in "attraction" is less clear to me), here is how it plays out:

Homosexuals: sexuality is fixed.
Transgenders: sexuality is fluid.

Homosexuals: identity is fixed.
Transgenders: identity is fluid.

Homosexuals: attraction is fluid.
Transgenders: attraction is fixed.

If so:

1. Witness how homosexuals and transgenders are fighting among themselves. How it has devolved into such bitter and hostile internecine warfare. How both attempt to devour one another.

2. LGBTQ supporters want everyone to regard both homosexuals and transgenders as normal or within what's normal. However, judging by the above, both homosexuals and transgenders don't regard one another as "normal". Both vehemently disagree on fundamentals about identity, sexuality, and (it seems) attraction.

3. A telling quotation from the article:

When a heterosexual man identifies as a woman, he often expects to fully enter the lesbian world and be embraced, even if he is still physically male. Many lesbians view this as a demand for them to engage in sex with a man under social pressure.


  1. I've always considered that there is a tipping point when the ideological saturation of the left increases to a level where they figure the conservative view is no longer sufficiently a threat where the stark inconsistencies of the left will cause them to figuratively eat themselves alive. It tends to happen in most ideological battles. As long as there is a common beast to fight, differences are often ignored. When the beast is perceived to be dead, those differences tend to generate the new beast.

    1. Thanks, Jim. That’s an excellent point.

  2. Move over lesbian activists, there's a new show in town, and it's called transactivism.

    The irony of lesbians now being accused of 'hate crimes' against the trans mafia. How does it feel to have your thoughts classed as 'hate,' lesbians? Apologies accepted :)

    How times move rapidly. What is 'trendy' in the LGBTQRSTUV world is fleeting, *fluid* if you will, and you can become an outcast pretty quickly if you don't tow the current line on this seemingly endless spectrum.

    The world has now gone beyond mad.