Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Shift in the balance of power

When Trump picked Gorsuch, that replaced one conservative with another conservative. So that left the status quo intact. That left the balance of power intact. 

However, Trump's second pick has the potential to shift the balance of power, by replacing the capricious swing-vote Kennedy with a more dependable conservative (Kavanaugh). 

For the first time in a long time, that may give SCOTUS a stable working conservative majority. Kennedy oscillated between liberal and conservative positions. 

That's still a slender margin. And "conservative" nominees can prove to be disappointing. They don't always live to their reputation. But assuming that he's confirmed, this may be a dramatic change in ideological direction of the Court.

It's possible that Trump will have chance to replace more justices–especially if he's reelected. And the fact that he's picked two conservatives in a row is gratifying.


  1. I wonder why Ginsburg didn’t retire under Obama, or maybe she thought Hillary was a lock. Or maybe she just didn’t care that she could be replaced with a conservative. Great stuff going on here. Who would’ve thunk it?!

  2. Reminds me of how Francis threatens the post-Vatican 2 status quo.

  3. I'm gratified the left is in sheer apocalypse-now, the-end-of-all-things-is-upon-us panic mode about Trump picking Kavanaugh. If nothing else, the left is so dependable when it comes to how they'll react to whatever Trump says or does (not that I care for Trump per se but I care that the left cares)! :)

    1. I've heard some people refer to it as the "Kavanaugh-calypse/Kavanaughcalypse". So, run for the hills and hide the women and children. At least those who self-identify as women and children.