Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Babel answer man

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  1. I knew Perry Robinson was Eastern Orthodox, but I did not know he used to work at CRI from 1990-1992. What he describes makes sense, when around 1995 or 1996 (? I am not sure of when I first started hearing about it, from some of Walter Martin's family members), people started accusing Hank Hanegraaff of taking over CRI in a wrong way, etc. and former employees have made many complaints over the years.

    Perry has made some interesting comments at David Waltz' blog and I have learned some valuable information by reading what I can (too much to keep up with for me); and what I could / can understand, when I was interesting in pursuing some issues on early church history and theology and the doctrine of the Trinity there.

    I always appreciated Hank Hanegraaf's book and related materials on exposing the Word of Faith - Prosperity-Health and Wealth Movement. (Christianity in Crisis) That was back when I listened regularly to the BAM from late 80s when Walter Martin was still alive and then onward to around 1997 or so.