Thursday, April 06, 2017

Easter Prophecy Fulfillment

I wanted to put together a collection of links to some of our posts on the fulfillment of prophecies related to the Easter season. Since the fulfillment of these prophecies postdates our earliest Old Testament manuscripts, there's no need to argue for the traditional dating of the Old Testament books. But for those who are interested in that topic, you can find some of our posts on the subject linked here.

Here's something I wrote about Jesus' fulfillment of the first three Servant Songs in Isaiah. I also wrote a post on Facebook about Jesus' fulfillment of the fourth Servant Song, the Suffering Servant prophecy.

The opening of the Suffering Servant passage and some other passages in Isaiah and elsewhere refer to the impact the Servant and Israel would have on the Gentile world. Here's a post I wrote on the subject. And here's a post on how such passages give us modern evidence for the deity of Christ. I also discussed how we can use such prophecy fulfillments to argue from the common ground we have with skeptics.

Near the end of this post on the book of Daniel, there's some material on Jesus' fulfillment of the Seventy Weeks prophecy and some other predictions in Daniel.

Here's something about Psalm 22.

And here's something Steve Hays wrote about Psalm 16:10.

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