Friday, November 11, 2016

Is Trump the advent of the Zombie Apocalypse?

Images of Democrats in a state of utter hysteria over the election results is something to behold. I admit watching their reaction is a guilty pleasure. I say that as someone who was a NeverTrumper from start to finish. Although I can't be disappointed by Hillary's defeat, I'm not gleeful about Trump's rise to power. I view his ascendancy with apprehension (but a different kind of apprehension).

In many cases it's like watching those day-after-Halloween videos about parents who prank their kids by telling them they ate all the candy, then observing the kids react. Shock. Stunned disbelief, followed by a sense of betrayal, then alternating rage, and sobbing. 

Same reaction from Hillary supporters. "You ate all my candy!" "That was my candy!"

In politics, you win some and you lose some. A perennial, alternating cycle that happens to Democrats and Republicans alike. Yet in this election, some Democrats are acting as if they had a permanent lock on elective office. It's childish.

But in some cases it runs deeper. CNN had a scene at the Javits Convention Center. One woman in particular, who appears to be in her 50s:

She's absolutely beside herself. Hyperventilating. Looks like she's about to have a heart attack. I don't mean that facetiously. Apparently, she has no life outside politics. 

Her reaction is so overwrought. She responds the way a mother ought to react when the ER surgeon goes into the waiting room and says, "I'm afraid we weren't able to save your daughter. Her injuries were too severe."

Where's the sense of priorities? If politics means that much to you, it means way too much to you. 

Fact is, freedom-loving Americans had far more to lose in this election if Hillary won than Democrats had to lose if Trump won. Hillary posed an existential threat to freedom-loving Americans. 

By contrast, even though Trump won, the liberty and livelihood of Democrats isn't imperiled by Republican rule. Their job security is not imperiled.   


  1. I also view view Trumps ascendancy with apprehension, but being a Christian I'm bound to honor him - on January 20th Romans 13 kicks in and to do otherwise would be sinful.

    And having seen the protests in Boulder Colorado I fear that his election has already kicked off the zombie apocalypse. It's not pretty.

  2. It seems that for many people who occupy the secular left that politics is their religion, their worldview, their raison d'être. The premier goal in their lives is to realize the Great Progressive Utopia. They've just been thwarted--at least temporarily--and they are enraged.

  3. I've said it time and again, but this is the petulant reaction from overgrown children who were never schooled in the simple art of accepting (and coping with) defeat. And when you throw in the fact that conservative and Christian perspectives are demonised and censored from the view of young (and to an extent, old) leftist-liberals, lest they be offended and 'triggered,' then it is no surprise that we are witnessing an inability to engage with the real world and accept the outcomes of democratically-held presidential elections and referendums in America and Great Britain. When you are alienated and 'protected' from certain perspectives, and led to believe that those perspectives are merely fringe perspectives, then you are going to be shocked when the real world comes and bites you on the backside. It's pitiful. Truly pitiful.