Monday, February 01, 2016

Blonds have more fun

This post is about the transgender movement, but I'm going to back into that issue by using a different example.

Recently, as I was sitting at a park bench, I noticed a young Asian male jogger whizz by. Normally, I wouldn't pay attention, but what caught my attention is that he had blond hair. Garish blond. The tint reminded me of the gay bloodsucker in The Fearless Vampire Killers and the S.S. officer in Where Eagles Dare. Conspicuously Aryan. 

Now, I don't know why he dyed his hair blond. Maybe that's just one of the goofy things that young people do these days. I've seen some young Caucasians with blue, green, or clown red hair. 

(Of course, women do all sorts of creative things with their hair. That's to be expected.)

But maybe he did it to look more Caucasian. If so, that's a problem.

Now, he could change it back overnight. But let's take a more drastic example: some Asians undergo blepharoplasty to obliterate the epicanthic fold and give their eyes a more Caucasian appearance.

Since I'm not Asian, I don't take that personally. But I imagine that if Vanity Fair did a spread celebrating blepharoplasty the way it did celebrating Bruce Jenner's "transition," many Asians would resent that. Because it's a snub. To undergo that operation is to act ashamed of your ethnicity. To disown the ethnic group to which you belong. 

And from my viewpoint, as an outside observer, I think an Asian who does that suffers from a lack of self-respect. He is disrespecting who he is.

I think it's wrong for Asians to elevate Caucasians to the standard of comparison, then undergo body modification to approximate a more Caucasian appearance, as if their natural appearance is inferior. This isn't corrective plastic surgery. There's nothing to correct. 

And I suspect it's counterproductive. They won't be accepted by either ethnic group. If you try too hard to fit in, if people only accept you on their terms rather than your terms, then they don't really accept you for who you are. I'm speaking now of natural, inborn differences. 

Let's shift from the lesser to the greater. Blepharoplasty is trivial compared to hormone therapy, radical makeover surgery, and/or sex-change operations which transvestites like Jenner undergo. If it's dubious for an Asian to undergo blepharoplasty, if that's something we should discourage rather than applaud, then denying your manhood or womanhood is far worse.  


  1. Interestingly, recently, people have been at an uproar that a white actor (Joseph Fiennes) is going to play Michael Jackson. Even though there are rumors & speculations that Michael Jackson suffered from self-hatred and/or tried to make himself more Caucasian. For example, his many plastic surgeries (the best example being his nose). Though, admittedly he had no control over his suffering from vitiligo which turned patches of his skin white.

    I do think that wearing "black face" can be offensive, but I don't see why it must be in every instance. No doubt part of the uproar is from the same black groups who boycotted the Academy Awards/"Oscars". Though, honestly, even to me it makes most sense to cast a black man (preferably an African-AMERICAN) in the role. Casting Fiennes as Jackson is as bad or worse a decision as casting David Carradine in the TV show Kung Fu instead of Bruce Lee (especially since he thought up the idea for the show). Lee was the only thing that made The Green Hornet fun to watch.

    BTW, there are rumors that they make may a Spider-Man movie where Spider-Man is of Black and Hispanic descent with the name Miles Morales.

  2. "BTW, there are rumors that they make may a Spider-Man movie where Spider-Man is of Black and Hispanic descent with the name Miles Morales."

    Although it's a relatively recent creation (2011), the Miles Morales character does have a history in the "ultimate-verse" of Marvel comics; it's not something simply made up out of whole cloth for a random movie. The MCU that is currently making money hand over fist is largely a hodge-podge of the traditional Marvel universe and the ultimate version, so there's a sense in which that just continues the trend of most of the Marvel movies for the last 10 years or so.

    You are absolutely right however that Bruce Lee would have made Kung Fu infinitely more watchable.

  3. Steve, I'm interested on what's your take on cosmetic surgery in general (not for sex-change).

    1. I don't object to someone having cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, for their own satisfaction, so long as that doesn't become an obsession.

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