Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Only 13% Of Americans Are Dissatisfied With The Mainstreaming Of The Homosexual Movement

According to this Gallup article, only 13% of Americans say they're dissatisfied with "the degree of acceptance of gays and lesbians" in America. By contrast, 70% say that they're satisfied or that they want more acceptance. Not only does the polling reflect how corrupt and undiscerning Americans are, but it also reflects how easily and how rapidly their beliefs can change under the influence of movies, sitcoms, music, the mainstream media, etc. They're not spending much time with other influences that would lead them in a better direction.

And it doesn't help when the allegedly neutral Gallup author writes misleadingly-worded paragraphs like this one:

But despite being in the minority, there are many Americans who are unhappy with the advancements made in gay rights, and there are judges, religious figures and GOP presidential candidates who seek to undo what gay rights supporters have achieved. Meanwhile, another faction of Americans are dissatisfied because they seek more acceptance for gays and lesbians -- perhaps in response to continued efforts to walk back newly achieved gay rights, hate crimes against LGBT people and other acts of intolerance directed at the community.

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