Saturday, November 28, 2015

Biblical Indexes For Christmas Apologetics

In 2007, I posted the text of the infancy narratives in Matthew and Luke with links to relevant Triablogue posts. For example, you could click on the text of Luke 2:1 to read a post about Luke's census account. Earlier this year, I updated both indexes:


The indexes now include links to posts from the years since 2007.

What's the purpose of having these index posts? They gather together a large number of our posts on Christmas issues in a way that's organized in accordance with the infancy narratives. If you're studying the passages, or you're doing something like preparing to teach a Sunday school class on a relevant subject, these indexes will allow you to work your way through the text in an easier and more thorough manner. Instead of looking through our archives for each passage and trying to judge which post is best to consult for each text, these indexes gather some of our best material and make it easy to find in one place. A lot of our posts on Christmas issues aren't included, and I may have misjudged which posts would be best to include, but these indexes should be useful. And you can supplement them with Google searches, running searches on Blogger, emailing me to ask where to find something, etc.

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