Friday, November 27, 2015

2016 Bible Reading Plan: Read the New Testament in Greek!

If you want to start learning Greek so you can read the New Testament in Greek (as well as the OT/LXX), I am expanding my private teaching at the beginning of the year.

You can learn about my one-on-one, tutoring, Greek course at my Greek page here:

Also related, I just got back from a full week of the annual Society of Biblical Literature and Evangelical Theological Society meetings in Atlanta. I picked up some excellent volumes on Greek. So once I find time, I will post what I think are must-have recent publications on Koine Greek.


Alan E. Kurschner

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  1. I can't plug your tutoring in particular because I haven't taken it. However, I'm wrapping up intermediate Greek this semester through Reformed Baptist Seminary and loving it. I struggle with it, but I love being able to have some understanding of the text before me. A fellow from my church and I have started a Greek "club" precisely to read through the New Testament, and build and maintain our skills with the Greek. So while I can't give personal testimony to your tutoring, I recommend learning the Greek even to average Christians precisely to foster a hunger for God's revelation to us. So to anyone who wants to learn, they should take advantage of opportunities like this.