Thursday, September 03, 2015


It seems to me many actresses don't know how to act like mothers. They don't seem natural when they're around kids on screen. Sure, they try to act like mothers, since the role calls for it, but their acting feels wooden or stilted. It's not how mothers normally behave towards kids in real life.

That's a bit surprising to me because I would've thought most women including actresses would innately know how to be mothers. At the least, wouldn't they remember how their own mothers were like and try to imitate their mothers?

I wonder if this may reflect a cultural shift of some sort? Perhaps gender roles are becoming so confused in our society and culture that even women have become confused about how to act like mothers? Perhaps women are no longer having as many children so there are less children for women to be exposed to, and thus even if women know in theory how they should behave around kids, they don't know by experience how to behave around kids?


  1. Yes, the actresses of today do not seem act natural around children, but because they have not been exposed to many kids in their lives, they fall back on instinct, rather than play the mother role. So I agree, and I would add that this unnaturalness could be seen as a lack of desire to have children on the part of the female audience.

  2. There's a lot of Hollywood acting that passes as good acting, but fails to reflect the way real people behave. In this case, art doesn't imitate life. Perhaps part of this is that Hollywood actors are out of touch with normal society. But largely, they have an ideological agenda. The subversive expectation is that popular opinion will imitate art.

  3. The ideological agenda on the part of the actors is, I'd think, to act their part well within a Hollywood film. Of course, you could blame the writers or directors for subverting us into thinking that their art is normal. But what should we expect from those who spend their time outside of normal society? The art itself is life for them.

  4. Abortionettes do not good mothers make.