Saturday, September 26, 2015

Boys will be boys

I'd like to highlight a recent incident that nicely illustrates an issue in the current dustup over complementarianism. 

This week a video went viral depicting a fistfight at Huntington Beach High. According to reports, two students got into an argument. One student (Noah) began to assault the other student (Austin) who's visually impaired (blind in one eye). At that point a third student (Cody) jumped in to protect Austin. He flattened the attacker with one punch in the face. 

That's a classic male reaction. Cody saw a situation which required immediate physical intervention. He instinctively did exactly what a boy should do.

That didn't happen at home or at church. 


  1. They should give Cody an award.

  2. I wish the bully got more of a beating. He was knocked out too quickly. Some kids need to feel enough pain so that they can remember how painful it is and so not inflict it on others. If he had a father who would punish him for such despicable behavior, he probably wouldn't have become a bully.

    We need more fathers like the one in this humorous scene in Mr. Deeds.


    1. Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumblingblock before the blind; but thou shalt fear thy God: I am Jehovah.- Lev. 19:14 ASV

      Cursed be he that maketh the blind to wander out of the way. And all the people shall say, Amen.- Deut. 27:18 ASV

  3. Ii think it's ironic that the crowd only jumps in when the bully's down and to protect the bully.

  4. Cool jab, Cody. Want to bring it to the White House?