Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Latinos just don't make the cut

The 2015 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America will be most remembered for how we responded to a personal resolution asking that the PCA acknowledge and repent of past sins during the Civil Rights era.  
One of the first major speeches made was by a Hispanic member of the Committee who wondered why we were only addressing African Americans in the resolution.
In the name of racial reconciliation, Anglo Presbyterians snub Latinos. They are so busy repenting of past injustice that they commit a present injustice. Go to the back of the bus while we fixate on one ethnic group to the exclusion of another. 
That's the problem with people are more concerned with appearing to do right than really doing right. 


  1. The article doesn't seem to delineate much of what happened regarding this man's question. What was the official response?

    I'm not sure anyone needs to apologize to blacks or Hispanics anymore than to people like myself with Irish blood, or anymore than blacks need to apologize to me for the acts of racism I've suffered at the hands of black people. But if we're going to apologize to one group and not another, the seeming inconsistency needs to be explained.

  2. My mom's side of the family is Chinese. Do the Japanese need to apologize to me for atrocities committed during World War II? Of course not.