Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A Piper paradox?


  1. Lots of watchbloggers documented Driscoll's problems and called out Piper (and others) for enabling him for years.

    The only people who are surprised by the outcome are people who weren't paying attention.

    In my opinion Piper has become wackier through the years theologically, too.

    1. Wackier theologically in what ways?

    2. His odd and public quest for charismatic experiences.

    3. That's indirectly theological. I thought there might be something directly theological that was wacky.

      Personally, as a continuationist Calvinist, I have no problem with his "quest" for charismatic experiences. Recent interviews of Piper leads me to think Piper's quest isn't as pressing as it once was in his youth (e.g. here and here). Manifestations of the charismatic gifts aren't unusual or unheard of in the Reformed tradition. As can be seen in the following links.

      A Reformation Discussion of Extraordinary Predictive Prophecy Subsequent to the Closing of the Canon of Scripture by the Session of the PRCE

      The charismatic covenanters

      Extraordinary Gifts and Church Officers

      John Calvin Apparently Received a Word of Knowledge from God

      Or in the rest of the Non-Reformed Christian world.

      The Ministry of Healing by A.J. Gordon

      The Suppressed Evidence: Or, Proofs of the Miraculous Faith and Experience of the Church of Christ In All Ages by Thomas Boys

      Some modern examples.

      Testimonies of the Supernatural Among Respected Christian Leaders

    4. Thanks for sharing your opinion.