Friday, August 14, 2015

‘Dreams and Visions’


  1. Hey Steve,
    I found this along after looking for a review of the book Revisiting the Days of Genesis. I thought I would show you since one of your reviews of the book popped up as well (it was very informative by the way!).

    1. I believe Hodge is a former student of John Walton, so I suspect there's some cross-pollination going on. They have influenced each other.

      Regarding the viewer's observation, I think there's a danger of a false dichotomy. Certainly, I don't think the days in the flood account are reducible to merely symbolic units of time. However, "40 days" sounds like a round number. Moreover, several of the stated intervals involve multiples of 7. I think that's artificially symmetrical. So I think the account is somewhat stylized with respect to the numerical values.