Thursday, August 13, 2015

BW3 on marriage

 There is an irreducible biological or gender component to being a man or a woman.
One does not get to choose one’s biology, one’s XY chromosomes. The creation story in Gen. 1-2 makes perfectly clear that the only ‘suitable companion’ for the man was a woman, and this is because God created us male and female in his image. Only so could we perpetuate the human race. Only so could we be mini-creators of more human beings, so mirroring one aspect of God the Creator.
At the end of the day either we realize that gender matters, and gender difference is essential to a real Christian marriage, or we totally change the definition of what counts as marriage, what counts as husband and wife, what counts as mother and father Biblically speaking. 
I agree with Ben on the merits. However, that's a problematic argument coming from a Wesleyan Arminian. Since "one doesn't get to choose one's biology, one's chromosomes," isn't it unfair, according to stock Arminian ethics, to discriminate against LGBT people?

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  1. His position sounds oddly deterministic.