Monday, July 06, 2015

Contracts with minors

Christians who rightly oppose SSM challenge proponents to draw a line. One counterexample is pedophilia. If you defend homosexual marriage, why not pedophiliac marriage?

I recently ran across an SSM proponent who tried to counter that comparison. He said marriage is a contract, and minors can't enter into contracts. 

However, the obvious problem with that counterargument is that adults can and do act on behalf of minors to contract services for minors. Consider parents who contract medical services for their kids. Their underage kids are party to the contract, even though their kids lack the legal capacity to enter into a contract on their own. 

Ironically, abortion proponents don't think minors don't need parental consent (or even parental notification). 


  1. Also, they've made it a point to push the age limit down pretty far for a child to be able to determine to have "gender reassignment" surgery. If they can determine THAT...

    1. This is exactly correct. If the "definition of marriage" in the legal sense can be redefined, then the age of consent can be redefined. "Personhood" can be conferred on other species, etc...the law can be a plaything by which "we" can define into or out of existence any number of rights or obligations.

  2. And at the risk of stating the rather obvious, there's a lot of overlap between abortion proponents and SSM proponents.