Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Moral mayhem

Here's a prominent homosexual activitist on amputee identity disorder. He's taking homosexuality and transgenderism to their logical extreme. 
Other people's bodies—and other people's body parts—are theirs, not yours. And if someone needs to change or even remove some part(s) of their body to be who they are and to be happy and to be healthy, they should have that right…All you gotta do is strike the right balance between minding your own business and embracing/celebrating the infinite diversity of the human experience. 


  1. Funny how those who demand individual rights then demand corporatizing the responsibility of payment, counsleing, medication, etc; maybe they should mind their own business?

  2. What if the person wants to be decapitated, or cannibalized, or impaled on a pike to be his authentic self?

    1. Armin Meiwes is in prison for life. Maybe there is hope for the sanity of mankind after all.