Thursday, June 18, 2015

James White on Dr. Drew Show

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  1. I appreciated Dr. White's presence on the show. Not every Christian has the wherewithal to appear on such a show. (Assuming they have the opportunity to do so in the first place.)

    More importantly, Dr. White had solid responses overall, especially given the context of the secular show.

    However, I think Dr. White at times tended to use language which Reformed Christians or maybe evangelical Christians would have no real problem understanding, but which likely made little sense to secularists or an otherwise popular audience. Perhaps this is a tell-tale sign that biblical illiteracy is drastically increasing in our nation. Yet, of course, as apologists we do have to deal with this unfortunate reality, and we still have to be able to communicate Christian beliefs and values in ways intelligible to non-Christians including secularists like Dr. Drew and his audience.