Friday, June 19, 2015

Dear Francis, mind your own business!

You'd think Pope Francis has enough pressing issues relating to his actual job to write about: the nun/priest shortage, the secularization of Europe, the attack on religious liberty (including Catholic institutions) in the US, the priestly abuse scandal, the implosion of Catholicism in traditional bastions of Catholicism (e.g. Ireland, Quebec), rampant modernism in the church of Rome, an embattled archbishop of San Francisco, the threat of Islam, the predominance of homosexual clergy, &c 
But, no. He has to pen an encyclical promoting radical chic environmentalism. A topic on which he has no competence. 
I guess the remaining question is whether he's a green pope or red pope. Perhaps we could split the difference and dub him the purple pope. Part environmentalist, part liberation theologian. 


  1. A twist on your title came to mind:

    Dear Francis, Chill Out.