Monday, April 20, 2015

Why Is Popular Culture Such A Big Part Of Your Life?

Here's a thread at Hot Air about how popular culture affects politics. It was written in response to a post at National Review on the same topic.

I agree that conservatives should try to get more of a foothold in the media, movies, music, etc. But the more fundamental problem is that the culture spends too much time on things like watching television, watching movies, and following sports. Those activities need to be more influenced by conservatism (and Christianity), but the activities also need to be less prominent in people's lives.

Here's some of what was written in the comments section of the Hot Air thread, which illustrates my point. A poster by the screen name of kcewa wrote:

20-30 % of the electorate (low info voters) in any election will vote for the candidate or cause who makes them feel good about themselves. Loife is hard and people want to feel good. The dem’s know this and they know that Hollywood is VERY good at making people feel good so they run the candidates that Hillywood likes – Bill Clinton, Gore and Obama (Kerry was kind of a mistake – no one likes him).

The Republicans run candidates that scare people – McCain – or genuinely can’t connect with people – George H. Bush, Dole and Mitt.

We have a chance to change that narrative by nominating Rubio or (maybe) Jindal to run against Hillary. No one else is going to attract a majority of the low info voters.

Why are so many voters so uninformed about politics, and why do they choose how to vote based largely on such shallow criteria? Those shallow standards probably will favor the Republicans in 2016, since the Republican candidate is likely to be more appealing than Hillary Clinton by those standards. But, as kcewa notes, the Democrats have had the advantage in this context in most recent presidential campaigns.

Adjoran writes:

These days more children ages 3-7 know lyrics of popular songs and details of television programs than attend church regularly.

And after that horrid beginning, we give them over to government education indoctrination for 12-18 years.

Again, notice that the problem isn't just that sources like popular music, popular television, and public schools are so liberal. The problem is also that people spend such an inordinate amount of time on such things.

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