Friday, April 24, 2015

Free-range kids

There's a debate going on in this country about "free range kids." To what extent should parents be allowed to leave younger kids unattended? To walk alone, play in the park by themselves?

The stories I've read overlook a basic issue: who decides? Should we leave this to the discretion of CPS? The police?

I think that's a mistake. If this is going to be a matter of public policy, it's something that ought to be addressed in statutory law, with some specific parameters, rather than leaving it up to the whim of local gov't agencies. 

There's a dangerous trend of the legislative branch punting to executive agencies. 

Because liberals refuse to execute pedophiles, unattended younger children may well be at greater risk in parks, &c., than was the case in the past. Typically, liberals create social problems, then crack down on the wrong group.


  1. Well, as long as kids can go get abortions without telling their parents, what does it matter to liberals if the kids are running around on their own?

  2. Steve, would you ever consider starting a podcast?