Friday, April 17, 2015

"We are all born atheists"

Over at his fine blog (Calvindude), Peter Pike quotes a slogan: "We are all born atheists." 

i) That's quite ironic. Atheists like to compare Christian faith to childish belief in Santa Claus. Something we're supposed to outgrow. 

If, however, everyone is born an atheist, but many people outgrow atheism when they achieve intellectual maturity, then atheism is the mirror image of believing in Santa Claus. 

ii) By parity of argument, we could say babies aren't scientists. They don't believe in evolution. They don't believe in global warming. They don't believe in a woman's right to abortion. They don't believe in gay rights and trans rights.

So the atheist argument undercuts many beliefs dear to politically correct atheists. 

iii) Also, since when do atheists make babies the standard of comparison? Most atheists support abortion. Even "after-birth" abortion.


  1. Maybe they're embracing the doctrine of original sin.

  2. Not that atheists would grant it, but John the Baptist might beg to differ (Lk 1:41)! ;-)

    We are all born mentally and physically immature. Does this mean we should go back to mental and physical immaturity? Should we all become babies again?

    Anyway, to paraphrase another popular atheist saying: the good thing about God is he exists whether or not you believe in him! :-)

  3. Good refutation