Saturday, April 18, 2015

Low-wattage brites

Atheists on atheists:

Jeffery Jay Lowder:

I’m often told that atheists are really smart when it comes to religion. Then I read their replies to moral arguments for God’s existence and cry out, “WTF?”

Many atheists are so confident in their atheism that they have an extreme case of confirmation bias & don’t even take the argument seriously enough to use their brains and bother understanding it.

I could post numerous examples, but it’s really too depressing to go find them.

The worst offenders tend to be ex-fundamentalists. I think that there are at last two reasons for this:
1) A lifetime of avoiding critical thought is not instantaneously undone by going through a deconversion experience. A lot of newly-minted atheists haven't yet acquired the habit of genuinely critical thought.
2) They have rejected an essentially stupid version of Christianity and they haven't yet appreciated that not all versions of Christianity are as stupid as the version they left.

I find bad responses to cosmological arguments on the forums I post on. There are many confident atheists, like myself, but the difference is that they are not well acquainted with arguments for theism. I find when a theist posts a cosmological argument they find online, most atheists respond by saying "Well what caused God?", despite that missing the whole point of the arguments.

I'm not talking about hypothetical situations. Rather, I'm talking about actual conversations that I have held where atheists miss the point of the arguments.

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