Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Universalism and atheism: separated at birth

Universalists and atheists share this in common: apologists for each position devote enormous amounts of time, passion, and energy to attacking opposing positions and laboring to make everyone agree with their viewpoint–even though, if they are right, what anyone happens to believe or do in this life makes absolutely no ultimate difference in the long-run.

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  1. I've noticed the same thing. The question in my mind then becomes, why do they vie for their position so vehemently? The answer could only go to their motive. For the orthodox Christian, it's a matter of saving them from the judgment to come and reconciling them to God. I suspect that their issue is that they are actually convicted on some level and want orthodox Christians to stop shining that bright light into their comfortable darkness. They can have no concern for anyone's spiritual condition because ultimately it doesn't matter.