Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Intolerant universalism

What's ironic about this is that Keith DeRose is a prominent universalist. For a universalist, Keith sure is intolerant. Shouldn't a universalist be more inclusive? Why is he so judgmental? In realty, Keith is a knee-jerk academic first and a universalist second. In common with most Internet Arminians, he simultaneously preaches universal love while compiling an enemies' list:

One could have a lot of fun here with the many things one doesn't really know about Scott Walker, but I'm too disgusted to have fun

Just a day after refusing to comment on whether President Obama loves America, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he didn't know...

Keith DeRose
I don't know. Giuliani made his stupid comments at a dinner featuring Walker. In fact, I read Walker was just a couple of seats away from Giuliani at the time. Reporters who wouldn't ask if he agreed would probably be not doing their jobs.
" The question came following comments by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R), who said he believes President Obama doesn't love America. Giuliani made the comments Wednesday night during a reception for Walker in Manhattan. "
February 21 at 8:51pm · 

Keith DeRose " [Scott!] Walker also told the paper that, “no,” Giuliani wasn’t out of line with the comments. "
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  1. For what it's worth, Matt Slick ran into the same problem at his CARM message boards. The universalists that posted there were so caustic that he took up a "ban on sight" policy. I'm sure there are many well-behaved universalists, but there seems to be an obnoxious cadre of them.