Saturday, January 03, 2015

Die Juden sind unser Unglück!

This post is about Josh Alcorn. But before I get to that I have a general observation:

I) Never before have unbelievers been so culturally dominant. Yet despite the enormous strides they've made under Obama, they are in a state of chronic rage. And the target of their rage is Christians. They exhibit this pathological antipathy towards Christians, as if all social ills are traceable to Christians. Frankly, it's the mirror image of how Germans blamed all their problems on the Jews: "Die Juden sind unser Unglück!" Some of these folks will find out the hard way what it's like to live under a secular regime. 

ii) Obvious, Alcorn struggled with being a normal boy. However, Alcorn would never have been a successful girl or successful woman. "Accepting" him "just as he was" would not have given him a happy life. Hard as it was for him to be a boy, he was never cut out to be a woman. 

Biology matters. Male body. Male brain. Male hormones. Male DNA. That's not imaginary. 

iii) I suspect our urban, hitech culture makes it harder for some, maybe many, boys to get in touch with their manhood. I'm not suggesting that you should put a boy like Alcorn on the hockey team or football team. He's too psychologically fragile for that. 

But imagine a century or so ago a boy like Josh hunting, chopping wood, riding horses. I expect that would be good for boys like him. Indeed, good for boys in general. 

iv) We can't let the suicide threat keep parents from parenting. Imagine a drug-addicted son or daughter who threatens suicide unless their parents allow them to shoot up at home or even demand that their parents subside their habit. 

Imagine a budding psychopath who likes to torture small animals in the basement. He threatens suicide if his parents take him to a psychologist. What about a teenage daughter who threatens suicide unless her parents allow her boyfriend to move into her bedroom. 

v) In a fallen world, there are just some things we can't fix. For some people, life will always been more of a struggle. 

vi) By the way, he was not a "transgender teen." He was a teenage boy–really a young man. He was clearly disturbed, but let's not dehumanize him by calling him a "transgender teen." 

There are people who suffer from boanthropy. That doesn't make them bovines. And treating them like bovines doesn't help. They merit our sympathy, but not our endorsement. 

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