Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Practicing Christians v. believing Christians

You’ve mentioned that you believe in God. How would you characterize your religion? 
For me, religion is much more about a community of people than about belief. It’s fine literature and music. As far as I can tell, people who belong to my church don’t necessarily believe anything. Certainly we don’t talk about that much. I suppose I’m a better Jew than I am a Christian. Jewish religion is much more a matter of community than it is of belief, and I think that’s true of us Christians to a great extent, too. 
Were your parents Christians? 
Yes. Nominally. I would say they’re practicing Christians, but not believing Christians. 
What’s the difference? 
Oh, it’s totally different. A practicing Christian is somebody who lives a Christian life and likes to worship in common with a lot of other people and considers the church as a community to which to belong, but you don’t inquire closely as to what the others believe. Of course, some people take belief very seriously, and others don’t.

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